Production of concept, development and design by 3D tools of machines within industries as:

Material handling

Converting into digital format, documentation and 3D modeling of the customer’s hand-drawn and/or 2D CAD-drawn mechanical drawings.
Production of manuals and other technical documentation in the Swedish, English, German, French, Hungarian and Romanian languages.
Offer and catering for part- or machine production in Central- or Eastern Europe, in accordance with the client’s requirements.

Along the years, we have had the privilege of working within a number of industries, constantly developing our competence. Some of the areas we have specialized in are: machine building in modules; welded framework and bended thin plate constructions; stainless steel packing machines; complete recycling plants for plastics and metal.

We work primarily with the 3D modeling software Inventor, but also have a sound knowledge of SolidWorks, Mechanical Desktop and AutoCAD.
Naturally, the Windows Office package is a tool we use on a daily basis.